Traditional or refined, Alsatian cuisine will delight our taste buds. Charcuterie as well as pastry, Alsace is considered one of the most french gourmet provinces.

Alsatian gastronomy, strongly imbued with Germanic culinary traditions, is rich in local specialties with its winegrower’s pie, its famous sauerkraut, its stew, its ham on the bone or its baeckeofe. The friendly winstubs or farm inns welcome you to finish on a sweet note with its famous plum cake or its kugelhof.

Alsatian Baeckeoffe pinit


Baeckeoffe is a traditional Alsatian dish from the northeastern region of France. The name translates to “baker’s oven” in the Alsatian dialect. This hearty casserole is typically made with marinated mutton, beef, and pork, which …

3 hrs 55 mins Intermediate

Choucroute (Sauerkraut)

Choucroute, also known as “choucroute garnie,” is a traditional dish from the Alsace region of France, and its name literally translates to “dressed sauerkraut” in French. The dish is essentially a hearty combination of fermented …

3 hrs 30 mins Advanced
Alsatian Kugelhopf pinit

Kugelhopf (Gugelhupf)

Kugelhopf (also spelled as Gugelhupf, Kouglof, Kougelhopf, and in various other ways) is a traditional yeast-based cake that’s well-known in regions such as Alsace in France, Germany, Austria, and other parts of Central Europe. The …

2 hrs 5 mins Intermediate